Egypt New Capital
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Investment opportunities in Egypt – New Capital

The world is about to get astonished by the Egyptian New Capital that still waiting to be named.
do you know how big it is? 714 KM2 … can you imagine how big it is? here’s more… Singapore is 728 KM2.

– A legendary city waiting to host 6 million habitants, 2 million job opportunities and relocate 50,000 public sector employees.
– A City under the city …. a city with 12 height underground service floor providing the best infrastructure in Middle East.
– The most advanced transportation methods including an airport.

Egypt Concierge will help you to live, work and invest in Egypt New Capital through amazing investment opportuities in real estate which is the best value keeper of money.
Whether commercial, administrative or residential property, you’ll havew an increasing value along with extra source of income from the rent of these properties.

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