Egypt, The safest investment environment

The Egyptian government has been keen to encourage foreign businessmen to pump their money into the Egyptian lands and to establish and expand their companies as well. These guarantees are represented in:

  • Granting fair treatment between the Egyptian investor and the foreign investor as stipulated in Article 3 of Investment Law No. 72 of 2017.
  • Prohibition of confiscating or freezing investor funds or subjecting them to nationalization laws.
  • The ability to export products freely without the need to obtain special or arbitrary permits or register in the export registry.
  • The ability to own the buildings and lands of the project, without setting conditions related to nationality or place of residence.
    The ability to expand and develop the project, as well as finance it from abroad, without having conditions related to foreign currencies, whether in the process of importing it inside or exporting profits outside it.
  • The ability to import export materials from abroad without the need for an import record.
  • Prohibition of the government imposing a customized price for the investor’s products and giving him the freedom to set his own price without restrictions.
  • The Egyptian government grants foreign investors the right to reside in the country for the duration of the project in accordance with the regulations and laws organized by the country.
  • Guarding may not be imposed on investment projects except by virtue of a final judicial decision.
  • The administrative authorities may not cancel or suspend the licenses issued for projects except after prior warning to the investor of the violations attributed to him.
    Foreign investors are free to appoint foreign workers in their projects, at a rate not exceeding 10% of the total percentage of workers.
  • Foreign workers in the foreign investment project are free to transfer their dues abroad freely without any restrictions.

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