Legal Division

Business establishing, licensing and operating

Direct foreign investment in Egypt is continously growing due to the economic growth and infrastructure development. Egypt Concierge will establish your business, issue legal documents and you can start making business and benefit from the economic growth in Egypt.

Handling work and residence permit

Living in Egypt has its socioeconomic benefits and the whole population of foreign residents and expats in Egypt agree that living in Egypt has unique benefits and Egypt Concierge has an objective of making life easier. Once you decide to live in Egypt, just name it because Egypt Concierge will do it for you.


Before partnership, before lending money, before having cooperation, before linking your brand name with another brand name…. And in many cases, you need to investigate a person or an entity. Egypt Concierge offers you all investigations methods needed to come with a comprehensive report.


Don’t waste time waiting for the court decision in case of any conflict. With Egypt Concierge, just add the arbitration condition in your contracts and we will take care of it.


Many methods in the horizon can substitute heading to the court. Egypt Concierge offers mediation services to guarantee ongoing peaceful interactions.

Conflict resolution

The most important factor in Egypt Concierge Legal Services is conflict resolution by Prosecution after communicating warnings.

Money and cheques collections

Money collection methods vary from case to case. Starting from a phone call and taking an appointment to collect the money till raising a lawsuit to claim this money passing through stages to guarantee the best and efficient practice to have your rights back.

Documents issuance and renewal

Legal documents issuance and renewal requires passing through bureaucracy. Egypt Concierge will handle all your legal documents that doesn’t require your physical presence